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"Electra" necklace - bronze, cotton yarn, 2016

"Pasiphae" necklace - bronze, golden yarm, deads, 2016

"Eleni" necklace - bronze, cotton cord, velvet,  yarns, 2016

"Erofili" necklace, bronze, satin, golden and silk yarn., 2016

Valia Karapidaki

My work focuses on addressing issues of female individuality and emancipation.
While I try to find a way out of my personal "labyrinth", I go back to Greek mythology and literature and study powerful women-symbols. Goddesses of fertility, queens, rebels, disobedient, symbols of beauty - various "Aphrodites" give birth to my concepts.
The new work I show at Sieraad aim at making the human being "woman" look beautiful and adorable. My jewelry examines and explores styles, forms and compositions taken from the world of nature, architecture, popular culture and cultural heritage.
I studied architecture at the Technical University of Athens. For many years I designed private and public buildings and worked on the environmentally conscious design of public spaces. I specialized in the latter field following postgraduate studies. While I taught art and crafts workshops for adults, I started making ornaments. My love for the artifact led me initially to attend jewelry seminars and later to experiment with various materials. Now, my involvement with jewelry has taken the form of creative work on a daily basis.