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Alisa Letsius "Welcome To My World" - Brooch, 2016

Alisa Letsius "Hommage à Hundertwasser" - Brooch, 2016

Maria Economou "Seal Ring" - Ring, 2016

Maria Economou "Bird" - Ring, 2016

Tine Steen "C17" - Mask, 2016

Tine Steen "Face" - Necklace, 2016


Atelier_myths is an artist collectivity bridging various art influences and disciplines with jewelry. The common denominator of the group is the interdisciplinary work, as well as their vibrant sense of humor, unpretentiousness and joy of life.

Modern painting traditions are reflected on the colorful work of Alisa Letsius of St.Petersburg.
Alisa believes that color gives life to everything and this way can tell a lot of stories. She is inspired by both ordinary and strange things and love to experiment, and she thinks that art shouldn't be obvious.
Alisa Letsius :

Tine Steen is a visual artist from Berlin using soft sculpture elements, such as masks and knitted objects, in her jewelry. She believes that the human body is always dressed in a network of cultural codes which make up our identity.
Tine's work with portraits is about the layered construction of our appearance which consists of body tissue, clothing, jewelry and hairstyles. The texture of different fabrics and fibers is like a language that can be read and understood as fine art and also as folk art, she states.
Tine Steen:

Maria Oikonomou of Athens uses her experience in painting and print making to create jewelry that leaves traces. She bridges two art disciplines in to a new entity.
In her recent work for Sieraad, Maria makes present day seal rings reflecting both a millennium old archaic tradition and projecting past dreams, magic and stories into present day.
Maria Oikonomou: