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"Mistress of the animals", necklace - feathers, wire, sea shells, 2016

"Feline", necklace - feathers, copper wire, sea shells, acrylic paint, varnish, 2016

"Hippocampus", necklace - copper wire, lamb wool, sea shells, 2016

"“Pegasus", necklace - feathers, wire, sea shells, paint, 2016

Marietta Karamaria

I studied Interior Architecture and Object Design at Athens Polytechnic School. In my work I strive to establish the connection between ornament and nature. I believe that nature is a part of us and we are a part of her.
Growing up in a Greek island I had the chance to discover its beauty, wildness and laws. Animals and the sea inspire my latest work I show at Sieraad. The prehistoric female deity known in the Eastern Mediterranean as "The Mistress of the Animals" or "Potnia Thiron" in Greek is reflected in my jewelry collection. She tames animals with her charms and becomes one of them.
Through my work I emphasize the existence of archaic elements in our collective unconscious and try to figure out how it feels to be a modern independent woman and a neolithic priestess at the same time!