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"Chtonic Pie" - Step I: Removal from the earth. 2016

"Chtonic Pie" - Step II: Wrapped piece of pie. 2016

"Chtonic Pie" - Step III: Uncovering the pie. 2016

"Chtonic Pie" - Step IV: Pie uncovered. Done 2016

Maria Rousso

The project "Chthonic Pie" I present at Sieraad is connected to the rituals our ancestors lived with and passed over to us. We keep on repeating daily the same moves in a mechanical manner.
I wanted to address this subject and find out whether it is possible to trust our feelings and revive or even create our personal contemporary rituals. My entirely intuitive approach aimed at harmonizing the chthonian-terrestrial element with the celestial-spiritual one.
I developed an offering ritual and a prayer to glorify the dead Goddess of justice, darkness and maternity. I also fused traditions of "bread sharing", of wearing symbolic jewelry, of offering votives and bloodless sacrifices.
I believe that all these rituals still have the power to synchronize people coming from different backgrounds into a common mindset and move their emotions.