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"Barbara" - brooch, embroidery on paper, plastic, pearls, 2016

"Isis"- pendant, embroidery on paper, textile collage, 2016

"Illuminated" - brooch, embroidery on paper, plastic, 2016

"Saint" - brooch, embroidery on paper, plastic and textile, 2016

Loukia Richards

My mother got sick last summer and I found pleasure and solace in looking at the beautiful icons of the Orthodox church.
The cheap paper icons the church distributes to the faithful fascinate me. They become an object of veneration proving that imagination is stronger than the fact it is only a cheap print on trash paper.
For approximately three centuries people fought against each other in the Eastern Roman Empire aka Byzantium on whether they should venerate the icons or abolish them. Finally they decided upon the following compromise: icons are both objects and the medium to reach divinity. Thus, icons can be also seen as "conceptual art".
To have the choice to decide upon your destiny and become either a sinner or a saint is a very dynamic concept of the Christian doctrine and I try to make people think about it through my work.