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"Paars" - earrings, silver and amethyst drops, 2016

"Blauw Oorbel" - earrings, gold and precious stones, 2016

"Zilver Comet" - pendant, silver and amethyst, 2016

"Hanger" - pendant, silver and green amethyst, 2016

Jacqueline Vugs-Voets

Symbols and magic belong to the very essence of jewelry since ancient times. Comets connecting the sky to the earth inspired my latest work for Sieraad.
When I look at the night sky I see beauty, eternity and the quest for immortality.
Dionysos' wedding present to his beautiful wife was the constellation he crowned her with. It still bears her name: Ariadne's constellation; and you can see it in the night sky of Greece in late September!
I designed my new jewelry connection during a visit to Greece last autumn. My "Comets" echo the close relationship between cosmos (the universe) and jewelry - for it is the same world in Greek! In my latest work I offer you small bits of the cosmos to wear!