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Brooch - Stainless steel, enamel mesh, silver, 2016

Six Brooches - Fine silver and enamel, 2016

Necklace - Stainless steel mesh, silver, 2016

Pendants - Black steel, metal powder, 2016

Hadas Levin

The Black Steel series is made in a sintering process using black steel metal powders.
At the first stage of the modeling process, the dry metal powder is mixed with binding adhesives and water. At this stage the material is very soft and receptive. The marks that are embedded into the material are primal and unique. Fired at very high temperature brings the product to its final stage. The binding adhesives are burnt away and the metal particles are sintered to create the final metal object.
The work process brings together New High Tech. materials with traditional crafting technique and in a way reflects my Athens experience. It reflects the tension of the encounter between the new & contemporary to the tradition of the past.

There were truly Magical moments in Athens at the ancient cemetery of Keramikos and especially in Eleusis, where it was possible to touch and feel the relics. it was sensual in a way... I carry with me the richness of textures and patterns.