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"Delicious Donut" Broom Brooch - collaged plastic, 2016

"The Curator" Broom Brooch - collaged plastic, 2016

"Black Sar Sunshine" Broom brooch - collaged plastic, 2016

"Robo Brooch Max." Broom Brooch - collaged plastic, 2016

Christoph Ziegler

The Broom Brooches are wearable "mandalas" made of plastic trash collected in Greece.
Inspired by my "Moebling" art performances - the ephemeral moving sculptures I create through ordinary household objects and my body - I wanted to turn the experience of sanctifying everyday banalities into jewelry. It's my way to deal with the fashionable "down to earth spirituality".
The Broom Brooches also reflect my recent journeys to the amazing Athens beaches where I collect all theses colorful trash objects. As trash is considered to be "tomorrow's gold", these places are a veritable gold mine for artists.
I see the broom Brooches also as a statement on the question how to define wealth and poverty as well as preciousness and garbage.