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After our 2017 exhibition series combining Artist-In-Residence & solo show during Documenta 14 in Athens ( >>> learn more ), we have the pleasure to announce the 2018 ONE ARTIST A WEEK series.

See also the upcoming shows 2018 >>> PROJECTS.


• Living and working space in downtown Athens (7 days/6 nights)
• A four-day curated solo show in downtown Athens venues
• Promotional support, press and media networking
• Customized introduction into ancient and contemporary Greek culture
• Documentation on the FaveLAB project website.

Price: 300 Euro per week & artist.
Artists who wish to stay longer in Athens may book our AIR-extension programme.

Read the full open call here:   >>> here

INKUBATOR / "They Call Me Nobody"
Open Call for (jewellery) artists and designers

Dates: October 2018 / January 2019

INKUBATOR offers an intensive week of professional workshops, lectures, presentations and networking events that address important issues for contemporary jewellery makers.

The INKUBATOR programme offers a 4-day intensive workshop including lectures, networking and presentation opportunities in Athens, Greece plus an optional 3-day inspiration boosting via Jewellery Staging workshops, as well as curated visits at UNESCO sites and the very heart of Athens.
INKUBATOR includes coaching by experts in communication, law, economics, jewellery trade, dramaturgy etc.. The programme focuses on experts' knowledge, on new materials and on networking, communication and copyright issues, as well as new ways to look at jewellery art.

The programme provides inspiration by visiting and understanding Greece's ecumenical cultural heritage as well as its jewellery treasures worn as uplifting and meaningful statements.

Please read the full Open Call description >>> HERE

Application deadline: Wednesday 15 August 2018

How to apply:
Send your homepage link and/or six images of your work and a short statement - a maximum of 150 words - on why do you want to participate in Inkubator via email (if more than 20 MB: via WeTransfer) to
Please, name the date you prefer.


FaveLAB BONDS is a dynamic residency programme that offers 56 one-week residencies in Athens.

With the purchase of a FaveLAB BOND, artists, designers, cultural managers and writers can choose to stay for one week in Athens whenever they like - starting from 26 November 2018 until 28 December 2019.

Each FaveLAB BOND costs 100 Euro. It corresponds to a residency week from Monday to Sunday (7 days/6 nights) in a living/working space in central Athens (Kolonos / Exarchia).

The residency can be extended by buying additional FaveLAB BONDS.
The living/working space is available for one/two residents at the same time.
FaveLAB BONDS may also be transferred to other "users" or given as a gift/voucher to artist friends or colleagues.

Deadline for reservations: 31 August 2018

For more information, please see the >>> OPEN CALL

If you want to combine your stay in Athens with a curated solo show, see also >>> ONE ARTIST A WEEK


Period:  July - December 2018

After the successful completion of our first Athens AIR & Workshops series for Jewellery Artists/Designers (2015-2018), we announce a new series of intensive one-week-long Artist Residencies including curated visits in major art and jewellery collections, as well as creativity boosting "Story Telling & Performance" workshops.

The programme addresses international jewellery artists and designers who wish to understand the very origins, functions and meaning of jewellery and find inspiration in the rich tradition of Greek jewellery art and spirituality - concepts / uses / motifs / symbols.

The curated visits at ten museum collections and archaeological sites along with in situ lectures on anthropology / mythology / history / art aim at adding background, context, meaning and purpose in the residents' own work. The AIR programme ambitions at enabling residents to understand the present significance of Greek world heritage for their career and fuel the urge for innovative jewellery.

The AIR programme is enriched by a Story Telling & Performance Workshop to boost creativity. Residents are also introduced in the highly didactic "Success Stories" of Greece's internationally established jewellery houses, while insider information on the international jewellery art scene may help them to map their own strategic itinerary.
Residents are also briefed on further possibilities to show work - in solo or group shows - in Athens, Munich (Munich Jewellery Week 2019), Berlin 2019 projects by   >>> ZLR Betriebsimperium.

Programmes are highly customized to address individual intellectual, aesthetical and conceptual questions.

The INITIATION AIR weeks in question are:

• Monday 27 August to Sunday 2 September 2018 - APPLY with cover letter + links by 15 June 2018
• Monday 10 to Sunday 16 December 2018 - APPLY with cover letter + links by 15 July 2018

Full Open Call here:  >>>> here


For an exhibition project 2019, we are looking for professional jewellery artists who work with sustainable techniques and materials, such as recycling materials, cell phones metals/minerals, new high tech material, 3D-print techniques, etc.

The selected artists will take part in a exclusive group show in Berlin/Potsdamer Platz. There is no participation fee charged.

Please apply with your website, CV/statement/digital portfolio!

Deadline: 31 August 2018


Athens is UNESCO's World Book Capital from April 2018 to April 2019.

Our NEW writers residency programme will be announced soon.